Review Of MIUI 4 ICS ROM for SGS2 By Adyscorpius

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 5 comments

Updated 04/07/2012: Please check my separate post for the latest review of AdyScorpius MIUI v2.3.31.

Have you heard? There is a new ICS-based MIUI ROM for the SGS2!

Adyscorpius MIUI 4 ROM is based on the latest alpha version of CM9 and MIUI Android v2.1.20. The new release was developed by adyscorpius who posted a thread on XDA. According to him, it is a "very stable" build. Let's see if it really is stable and if it's worthy of being a daily ROM.

Link to NEW installation guide at the bottom of post. New installation guide includes the updates to fix many bugs I mentioned previously.

Download link is at the bottom of this post.

See Screenshots below.

Thanks to Adyscorpius for all the help! Don't forget to follow him on Twitter :)

Bugs & Cons (20 after install and updates)
  • As posted on the thread, themes don't work. I tried making data/system/theme but still can't get themes to work.
  • External SD Card is inaccessible using File Explorer. Fix: Download Astro File Manager.
  • Video capture doesn't work. It force closes.
  • (Android Market) After selecting 'Accept & download' the screen will go black for a few seconds. Just wait for it and download will proceed.
  • Android Market lags when pressing 'back'. Be patient.
  • If WiFi has poor signal, everything on your Gallery will fail to load - even pictures found in your phone and are not synced to Picasa Web.
  • Homescreen lags but this rarely happens.
Pros & Features I Like, So Far (20 hours after install)
  • Titanium Backup comes pre-installed in the phone :) So is the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery for recovery mode.
  • Picasa Web integration as long as you flash gapps on my installation guide.
  • Battery consumption isn't bad at all despite the warning posted on the original thread.
  • WiFi and 3G work. Adyscorpius says by flashing his KP8 mod, battery life is improved.
  • Bluetooth works. It doesn't appear 'paired' on other device but when you send files, they get through :)
  • After configuring Google Account, contacts get updated in a few minutes.
  • The smooth iPhone-ish MIUI user interface we've come to love <3
  • Camera works. Panorama mode is AWESOME.
  • When you add widgets, interface is CM9-ish. Ah, Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.
  • Permissions Manager is good if you want to monitor apps on your phone for any suspicious activity. But it can get annoying when restoring apps via Titanium Backup.
  • Music player works smoothly. 'Now playing' shows up on notifications bar for quick access.
  • Music player has sound effects and they work too.
  • Option to individually remove notifications or clear them all from notifications bar.
  • You can edit battery indicator style.
Final Words

Despite a few hiccups, the CM9-based MIUI ROM of Adyscorpius is indeed a daily ROM. Barely a day of use and I'm already loving it! Who knew CM9 and MIUI would make a heavenly couple?

Screenshots (click photos to enlarge to full size)

MIUI + CM9 homescreen.
No Apps Drawer like any MIUI ROM
Adding widgets has a pure ICS feel
The same MIUI Notifications/Toggles bar
Swipe to remove notifications individually
Press X to clear all notifications
'Now Playing' shows up on notifications for quick access to Music Player
When menu button is pressed on homescreen
When home button is long-pressed, you get the ICS Task Manager
Not as pretty as the CM9 though
Trustworthy but annoying Permissions Manager

Music Player

Download Adyscorpius MIUI 4 ROM here ]

Please make sure to check my installation guide for Adyscorpius MIUI 4 ROM because there are many other .zip files you need to download! Trust me. You need them.


  1. Dig the blog!

    Think I'll wait for a rock solid stable release though.

    What other reviews do you have in the pipeline? I suggest a 'best of the rest' type look at the more mature Gingerbread options, especially before the deluge of ICS roms hit us. Think CM7, MIUI etc...

  2. Ah yes. I tried CM7 and MIUI WAAAAY before I made this blog :) That's why I don't have any ROM reviews of them yet. I can't recall their bugs anymore. LOL. I tried downloading CHECKROM before but after failed installation, I gave up instantly lol. If I have time, I will try to make reviews of these ROMs. But for now, I will be stuck with reviews of latest SGS2 ROMs which I find interesting.

    Thanks for the comment by the way!

  3. Oh and Ram, I still have 2 ROM reviews. This one and the rather unstable XXLP2 released by SamFirmware. Care to follow me on Twitter @shetalksandroid? :)

  4. Followed! ^_^

    Coolness! I'll definitely keep checking back here... Can't wait to hear what you think of kernels and apps too! So I remain a loyal subject of the geek queen ;)

  5. i have used cm7 & check rom revo4 hd...both are good..
    drawbacks of cm7 which i felt:-no 3g video calling,1080p videos wont work..but checkrom is can coustomize from the kitchen pro..


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