Hey everyone! Here's a list of custom kernels for the international version of SGS2 (i9100) running on ICS. I'll update this post every now and then whenever a kernel is updated or if I find something to add. Please take note that with the exception of Shun Andromeda which supports the AT&T version, all other kernels listed in this post are only compatible with i9100.

You can find a generic installation guide for all these kernels in the following posts:
If you have something to add or update, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll check it out!

Abyss Kernel v1.2

Build Date: 06-23-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, MIUI, AOSP, AOKP
Download Link --- .zip format ]
Related Post: Abyss Kernel Tweaking Guide

Dark Knight v2.0

Build Date: 07-31-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, MIUI, AOSP
Download Links: .zip format || .tar format ]

Dorimanx Kernel v5.69

Build Date: 08-26-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, MIUI, AOKP, Cyanogenmod CM9
Note: Android 4.0.3 only
Download Link --- .zip format ]

Fluxi Kernel XX.02-beta10

Build Date: 06-27-2012
Compatibility: Cyanogenmod CM9, AOKP
Download Links: .zip format || .tar format ]

N.E.A.K. Kernel v2.0.6x

Build Date: 06-09-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, MIUI, AOSP, AOKP, Cyanogenmod CM9

Download Links:
Build Date: Unknown
Compatibility: Samsung official, AOSP (since it is based on SpeedMod K3-19)
Warning: Don't adjust frequencies using third-party apps. The kernel is ready to use without modifications.

Download Links:
Note: Normal frequencies listed below.

"Normal" builds (stable for all)
  • .zip format || .tar format
  • CPU voltages
    • 1200MHz = 1200mv
    • 1000MHz = 1100mv
    • 800MHz = 1000mv
    • 500MHz = 950mv
    • 200MHz = 875mv
  • GPU voltages
    • 266MHz = 950mv
    • 160MHz = 900mv
"Medium" builds (stable for many)
  • .zip format || .tar format
  • CPU voltages
    • 1200MHz = 1175mv
    • 1000MHz = 1075mv
    • 800MHz = 975mv
    • 500MHz = 950mv
    • 200MHz = 875mv
  • GPU voltages
    • 266MHz = 950mv
    • 160MHz = 900mv
"Extreme" builds (stable for some, most battery friendly due to extreme undervolting)
  • .zip format || .tar format
  • CPU voltages
    • 1200MHz = 1150mv
    • 1000MHz = 1050mv
    • 800MHz = 950mv
    • 500MHz = 925mv
    • 200MHz = 850mv
  • GPU voltages
    • 266MHz = 900mv
    • 160MHz = 850mv
Normal Frequencies
  • CPU voltages
    • 1200MHz = 1275mv
    • 1000MHz = 1175mv
    • 800MHz = 1075mv
    • 500MHz = 975mv
    • 200MHz = 950mv
  • GPU voltages
    • 266MHz = 1000mv
    • 160MHz = 950mv

S2Mod v1.4

Build Date: 02-05-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, MIUI, Cyanogenmod CM9

Download Links

Shun Andromeda v1.8

Build Date: 06-22-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, AOSP
Download Link --- .zip format ]

Siyah Kernel v3.3.2

Build Date: 06-12-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, AOSP, AOKP, Cyanogenmod CM9, Boot-2-Gecko
Download Links: .zip format || .tar format ]

SpeedMod K3-20

Build Date: 05-29-2012
Compatibility: Samsung official, AOSP
Download Links: .zip format || .tar format ]

Thoravukk v3.11

Build Date: 06-25-2012
Compatibility: AOSP, AOKP, Cyanogenmod CM9
Download Links: .zip format || .tar format ]


  1. Wow, it's nice to have review of the kernels too, because some roms may disappoint, but with the proper kernel can finally surprise you. At the beginning i didn't like Hydrogenics because it's laggyness and poor battery life, but then i change the kernel to Siyah and magically becomes my fav cocktail rom + kernel.

    Maybe you should start by explain the meaning of the kernel and explain how it works. I have a hard time at the beginning because i use to think that it was like another rom.

    Actually im using cMIUI rom with xxKernel by Fluxxi. Stable, good battery life. Average performance and customization. Doesn't have luzlsactive governor that it was the one i used to work with, but ondemand do its job.

    I like the xxTweaker option that updates the kernel automatically and gives a good control over it.

    It also have a custom touch CWM recovery, oc/uc uv 100-1600mhz, configurable I/O, GPU oc, DPI config, super AMOLED mDNIe to avoid yellowish colors.

    Keep up with the good work.

  2. @kikemotions: To be honest with you, I also don't understand kernels fully as well :D That's why I actually plan on making reviews of them. That will help me understand them more, as well as help noobs out there. I am also a noob in many ways! I already prepared a post on what custom kernels are :) But I won't publish it until I have started reviewing them. They have to go together. If there is the "best reader and commenter" award you should get it :D you give such amazing input that help me learn more!

    Oh. And I like ExTweaker too! I also tried something on Hydrog3nics before that has a similar feel. It was AOKP-based and found under Settings from what I remember. Don't know with the latest version though.


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