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25 Reasons Why Streamzoo Is The Best Alternative To Instagram

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Tuesday, July 09, 2013 No comments

How many times do I have to say it? Streamzoo is way better than Instagram. Let me start off by saying that I did not get paid to write this post. But I've been a Streamzoo user long enough to say that it is the best photo-sharing service available - not just for Android but also for iOS and the Web. 

With the latest update for Android and iOS, Streamzoo is clearly out of Instagram's reach. But what makes Streamzoo the best photo-sharing app for Android and a great alternative to Instagram?

Here are 25 reasons why Streamzoo is better than Instagram.

1. Cover photo. 'Nuf said.

2. Think outside the box. Photos don't need to come in squares with Streamzoo. You can crop your photos using pre-made or custom borders.

3. Collage. With Streamzoo, you don't need any of those third-party collage apps. The app has a native collage feature with fully-customizable options!

4. Choose from more filters. Instagram has 20. Streamzoo has 23. Do the math. Plus, you get to preview the effect of filters on your photos!

5. Mix-and-match. Pair your filters with borders you want. With Instagram, each filter only comes with a specific border.

6. Border colors. Some of the borders in Streamzoo have an extra option for custom colors. There are currently 4 customizable borders with 20 color options.

7. More tilt shift options. Apart from the Circle and Parallel tilt shift on Instagram, Streamzoo gives you two more choices: Rectangle and Ellipse. You also get to adjust the placement and direction of your tilt shift filter!

8. Color adjustments. Adjust the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast of your photos. The sliding bar makes it easier to edit your photo. To cancel changes, just click the 'reset' button.

9. Set photo title and description (and edit them later). Instagram only lets you add a caption. If you place tags in there along with a lengthy caption, it looks cluttered. Streamzoo gives you two choices: to place a photo title and/or description.

When uploaded, the description is hidden from plain view so it looks clean.

You have to click the "..." to see the description. You can place the hashtags in there.

10. Set photos to private. Even if you had a public profile, you can set some of your photos to private.

11. Edit title and description of uploaded photos. One of the major problems with Instagram is you can no longer edit captions once photos have been uploaded. If you forgot to say something, misspelled a word or a tag, then you will have to settle for making corrections on the comments section.

Streamzoo, on the other hand, has a handy 'Edit' option that lets you change the photo title, description, and privacy anytime after uploading.

12. Built-in Emoji. In case you didn't notice, Streamzoo has a native Emoji feature. Who says you need an iPhone?

13. Clean UI and easy navigation. On IG, things are cluttered: there's the navigation bar at the bottom and the rest of the options under your profile. The navigation bar on Instagram always gets in the way too. Streamzoo lets you access most of the app's feature in one tab which tucks away neatly in one click. Cool, huh?

14. Activate/deactivate notifications in a snap.

15. Upload photos from almost everywhere in the app. If you check the lower right corner of Streamzoo, you will see a round camera button.

** Hidden Upload photo features **

Take photo. Slide the button towards the right and it will change to "Take photo Express".

Use photo from library. Slide the button towards the right and it will change to "Use photo from library Express".

The Express feature basically lets you upload photos without having to go through the photo-editing features. If you edit photos using third-party apps, this is a good way to go! Once you've used the Express feature, Streamzoo will remember your preference next time you decide to upload a photo.

16. Follow your favorite streams (hashtags). No need to type in your favorite #hashtag if you're looking for something that interests you each and every time. This feature also comes in handy if you created your own hashtag for people to use.

#ForTheLoveOfBlackAndWhite created by @AnnaBackstrom

By clicking the "follow" button beside a stream, you can easily follow photos uploaded with that hashtag. Followed streams will appear on your Feed under Streams.

17. View user photos according to the streams (hashtags) they used on their photos. While viewing a user profile, click Options > Streams.

@naryamie on Streamzoo

18. No SPAM. 

19. Get points for your photos with each like. Once you reach 2,500 points, you will have unlimited Shoutouts. The Shoutout feature lets you share photos to people who follow you, so they can like them too!

20. Get stars for photos that made it to the Popular Wall. If your photo makes it to the Pop Wall, it will sport a star for everyone to see!
@SatuLehto has a lot of them!

21. Leaderboard. Aside from the Popular Wall which recognizes photos, the Leaderboard highlights users that got the most number of points on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There used to be badges but this is the only "gaming" aspect of Streamzoo retained in the latest versions.
22. Send and receive private messages. I've seen a lot of people hook up and make friends at Streamzoo because of this cool feature. For reasons of privacy, only users who follow you can send you a message. This is useful for users with private profiles since they can approve/reject followers.
@rockdahaus on Streamzoo

23. Block annoying people. Seriously. You don't need stressful people in your life.

24. Create or join public and private groups. You can view photos uploaded my group members in separate group feeds. This works great if you want to limit your interaction with a close circle of friends.

25. Group chat. Thanks to the latest Streamzoo update, you can now engage in meaningful (or pointless) group chats with members of the same group!

In behalf of the Streamzoo v4.0 beta group, I would like to thank @Fantasticmv (co-founder of Streamzoo),
@RamRamkumar (co-founder and CEO of Streamzoo), @abhay , @narx, and the entire SZ team for giving us access to the beta version of Streamzoo for Android (and iOS), as well as in putting hard work in the development of the app.
Personally, I would like to thank @naryamie@SatuLehto, and @BethHayes in helping me test the beta version of Streamzoo 4.0 for Android, @MicheleNelson for answering my questions, and @rockdahaus whose first name is "Rock" and second name is "Dahaus" lol. Thank you all for cooperating and helping make this blog post possible!

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram added the ability to upload videos on their platform. Big deal. Streamzoo, the better alternative to Instacrapgram had that feature a long time ago - and more. But with the latest update released for Android, Streamzoo has gone beyond Instagram's league to become the BEST photo-sharing app. The latest update, aka Streamzoo v4.0, comes with a fresh UI and two new features.

Streamzoo gets a make over!

Streamzoo gets a more polished look in the latest update. If you felt some lagging in previous versions when scrolling, v4.0 fixes that too. The new user interface looks sleeker than before and scrolls more smoothly.

Just check out these before-and-after photos! (click to enlarge)

New features

The latest version of Android offers two new features: cover photo and groups.

Cover Photo

We've seen cover photos on Facebook and Twitter but this new feature is still a welcome addition to Streamzoo. It lets you spruce up your boring profile and add more personality to it!



With the new release, you can now create and join public and private groups. Share your photos in secret among private group members or share them with friends in a public group.

 And get this - now you can send messages to the whole group. Group chat, anyone?

In a private group, the photos you share will only be visible to group members.

Uploaded photos will appear on your profile, feed, and private group feed but only you and private group members will see them.

In a public group, all photos shared will be visible to everyone including non-members. Uploaded photos will appear on your profile, feed, public group feeds, and streams (if you use hashtags).

It doesn't make sense at first but uploading a public group has its advantages. Since everyone will be seeing your photos, you get more likes, more points, and a shot at making it to the Popular Wall. At the same time, you can limit your interaction within public group members.

If you want to join a group, you do need an invitation from the group owner or one of the moderators. Of course, you can always start your own group.

What are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Streamzoo for Android on Google Play! (Existing Streamzoo users, check out the FAQs section below for more info about the Groups feature)

FAQs on Streamzoo Groups Feature (will add more later)

Q: If I upload a public photo on my profile or anywhere else outside a public group, will it still appear on my public group feeds?

A: No. You have to upload a photo in a public group for it to be visible on the group feed.

Q: If I upload a photo on a Public Group Feed, will it appear on my followers' Users Feed?

A: Yes. Members and non-members of the public group who follow you can see, like, and shoutout your photos from their Users Feed.

Q: What is the difference between an owner and moderator?

A: The owner is the creator of the group. Each group can only have 1 owner. The moderator acts as a manager of the group. A group can have one or more moderators. Owners and moderators can add members into the group or kick them out. They can also remove photos from the group feed and change the group's profile picture and cover photo. However, only the owner is entitled to promote and demote members into moderator status, change the group name and description, or delete the group.

About Streamzoo

Streamzoo is a cross-platform photo-sharing service available for iOS, Android, and the Web. The Streamzoo service is brought to you by Phonezoo Communications, Inc., a company based at Silicon Valley. Phonezoo Communications Inc. is focused on creating world-class mobile products and applications.

Super Penguins Game Review For Android

Posted by Ada Sandoval On Thursday, September 20, 2012 No comments

Antarctic Penguin was one of the cutest 8-bit games I grew up with on Nintendo. Then came Spyro, Harvest Moon, and Final Fantasy 7 for PlayStation. And then I moved on to more "mature" games like the Command & Conquer Series (PlayStation and PC), Left4Dead (PC), and more recently, Dead Trigger for Android. But there's nothing quite like Antarctic Penguin. I even went as far as downloading an emulator just so I could see that round little penguin bounce to the side whenever it hit a seal or a crack in the middle of ice.

Super Penguins is a FREE game for Android and iOS that has the same ditsy appeal of Antarctic Penguin - minus the 8-bit graphics. This time, it's three-dimensional and the penguins are no longer helpless.

The story?

Your penguin colony needs fish to survive and octopi happen to feed on the same food. Since they're evil, they held your penguin friends captive and took all the fish away. Your goal is to collect as many fish as you can before perishing in their tentacles. Oh! And you get to save your penguin friends along the way too.


You get to choose from 8 characters: 5 cute penguins, a beaver, a penguin-bot, and a platypus.

Seriously. There's a platypus. And a beaver.

The blue penguin is a free character but the rest of them you have to either buy with in-game cash fish, earn as a reward by making an in-app purchase, or get by liking the Super Penguins Facebook Fan Page.

When you play the game for the first time, you will be taken through a tutorial on what and what not to do. The actions are so simple that even my 4-year old son picked them up after his first try. Just tilt your device left or right to collect fish and avoid obstacles, and tap the screen to jump. That's it!

Now I couldn't help but notice its similarities with Temple Run in terms of gameplay. You're going to take your penguin (or whichever character you choose) for an indefinite run across meters of frozen land to collect fish. That is, until you stumble upon a barricade which could be anything from a randomly falling icicle to the tentacle of a giant octopus. When that happens, your cute wittle penguin will drop dead on the ground and you have to start all over from zero meters. Or you can pay 4500 fish upfront to get an extra life and pick up from where you left.

Aww. My wittle blue penguin is dead.

The game has its own shop for purchasing permanent upgrades and temporary powerups. You can use the fish you collected or bought for purchasing stuff from the store. Upgrades and powerups will better your chances of going farther and collecting more fish. You can get as many upgrades as you want until they max out but you will be limited to one powerup for each run. During the run however, you can receive powerups by rescuing penguins-in-distress.

There are currently 6 powerups to choose from before making a run. That includes:

  • No ink splats (500 fish) - Lasts throughout the run.
  • Extra life (1000 fish) - Single use only. The powerup is used after your character dies so you can continue playing the game.
  • Fewer icicles (600 fish) - Lasts throughout the run. Decreases the amount of icicles falling from the sky.
  • Double jump (800 fish) - Lasts throughout the run. To activate, tap the screen to jump and then tap again while the character is in mid-air.
  • Rocket 300m (300 fish) - Single use only. Takes you for a 300-meter rocket ride at the start of the run.
  • Rocket 500m (500 fish) - Single use only. Takes you for a 500-meter rocket ride at the start of the run.
  • Rocket 1000m (1000 fish) - Single use only. Takes you for a 1000-meter rocket ride at the start of the run. But you probably already knew that.


  • Achievements keep track of your progress
  • Locally saves your all-time high score
  • Share scores to friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Take a screenshot of your score at the end of a run

Graphics and performance

For a free app, Super Penguins is quite the looker. The environment renders smoothly during gameplay and I don't see any artifacts. Its interface all throughout is user-friendly and visually appealing. It's definitely a top-notch find amidst the low-quality apps that dominate the Android market.

The game runs smoothly on my two devices including a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy S2. There are no freezes, stuck-ups, force closes, and the like. My Galaxy Tab 7 couldn't even handle Temple Run without lags and it's a delight to see that it has no problems with Super Penguins.


Given its high-quality graphics, smooth performance, and simple but fun gameplay, I'm not surprised that the game has a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. It's a gem in a sea of stones. The game is easy enough for youngsters and equally as motivating to keep older crowds hooked for some time.

[ Download links: Google Play Store | iTunes Apple Store ]

Developer: Supersolid Ltd.

[S]he Talks Rating: 4 out of 5


Download US Only Apps To Your Android - No Root Required

Posted by Ada Sandoval On Monday, September 17, 2012 4 comments

A few weeks ago, I taught you how to download region-specific apps (such as US only) to your Android. That particular method involves rooting your phone and losing your warranty. Today I'm going to teach you how to do the same without rooting your phone.

That's right.

You can download regional applications straight to your Android without the risk of bricking it or losing your warranty.

Now this is something I discovered by accident. Thus, I can't guarantee it works for all area-specific applications. However, it's worth a try. Anyway, it's very easy to do. Whether or not it works for you I would love to hear your feedback on the comments below!


  • Android 2.1 and higher


Step 1: Download AppBrain App Market from Google Play (free)

Step 2: Launch AppBrain

Go through the start-up process. No need to sign up but it's up to you, really.

Step 3: On AppBrain, search for an area-specific application

A good example is Blogger for Android which is limited to specific regions like the US and UK.

Step 4: Select the app you are looking for

Click "Install".

You will be redirected to Google Play only this time, you now have access to the regional app.

Step 5: Click "Install" or purchase the app if it's paid

Then, wait for the app to finish downloading.

I know this worked on me because if I search for Blogger on Google Play Store, the app doesn't show. It only appears when using the AppBrain App Market. If this technique doesn't work for you, you can always try Market Enabler. But as previously mentioned it needs a rooted device. Dowloading from third-party app markets is no longer an option these days. Haven't you heard? They got nabbed by NBI.
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