How To Root Your SGS2 With CF Root, ICS Edition

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Sunday, June 17, 2012 41 comments
Welcome to the "ICS Edition" of your ultimate rooting guide for SGS2. And when I say ultimate, I mean this is for all existing official ICS ROMs for SGS2. No matter where you are from the world and regardless what ICS firmware you have, this is the guide for rooting your beloved international SGS2 otherwise known as GT-i9100.

Before anything else, many thanks to Chainfire for making this possible. Don't forget to support his work!

CF Root for SGS2 ICS

  • Original ICS firmware.
  • Check for your firmware version by going to System Settings > About phone > Build Number. Look for "IML74K.XXXXX" wherein "XXXXX" stands for the CF Root you should download. List it down.
  • Download ODIN3 v3.04 on your computer. Unzip the file.
  • Battery life of at least 60% on your phone.
  • SGS2 USB Drivers. If you have a Microsoft PC, just plug in your device with a USB cable while it is turned on and off. Wait for the USB drivers to install on their own :)
How To Root Your SGS2
  1. Download the CF Root that matches your phone's build number. After downloading, unzip the file. You should see a .tar file. Don't see your firmware version below? Please leave a comment and I'll look for the latest CF Root available for you :-)
  2. Launch the ODIN3 .exe file you unzipped from the prerequisites.
  3. Click PDA and select the .tar file you unzipped from Step 1.
  4. On your SGS2, make sure the USB Debugging Mode is switched on. 
  5. Turn off your SGS2 and switch to Download Mode by pressing Volume down + Power + Menu. Then press Volume Up. (Thanks to the Anonymous commenter for identifying the typo!)
  6. Connect your SGS2 to the computer using a USB cable.
  7. Check ODIN. A small box on the upper left should turn blue and the dialog box must display "Added!!"
  8. After Step 7, press "Start" and wait for the rooting process to finish.
  9. After it is complete, your SGS2 will reboot on its own.
  10. When your phone SGS2 it is now rooted! Yay! :-)
How To Check For A Successful Root

There are three steps to check for a successful CF Root.
  1. After your phone reboots, check for two apps: SuperSU and CWM.
  2. Turn off your phone. Go to Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up + Power + Home. You should see a CWM recovery.
  3. Reboot your phone again. You should see a yellow triangle below the Samsung Galaxy S2 logo. You can remove it using Chainfire's Triangle Away - no need for a USB jig with this app!


  1. thanks finally works!!!

  2. CF Root for XXLPW v5.5 works fine for me.

  3. Shouldn't it be power + vol down + home then vol up for download mode on i9100? mine does..

  4. @Aonymous: OH MY! Thanks for pointing that out it was a typo :) I truly appreciate your comment!

    @Everyone else: Glad I was able to help!

  5. I have a baseband version of BVLPB. Will the XXLPB version work for me?

  6. Is there CF Root for XXLPX??

  7. @Alexandru Costan: Yes you can use it :) What matters is the last three letters are the same.

    @Patrick Abefre: In your case, you need to find what is closest to your baseband version which is XXLPW. You can use that :)

  8. Hi there!

    The better way to go around doing this is by looking at the build number instead, for example IML74K.DXLPB.

    DXLPB is the ROM version then. It is easier to find the corresponding CF-root kernel this way.

    Hope this helped! :)

  9. @Anonymous: Thanks for the tip! I am trying to constantly learn about things I didn't know before. So anything new is awesome. I'm sure my readers will appreciate your comment :)

  10. ive got gt19100 just flashed with xxlpb evrything goes fine odin says pass boots to screen with yellow triangle ..then nothing except a black screen...any help would be greatly appreciated ..tnx in advance..steve..

  11. hi there! i had just updated my sg2 to ICS firmware, the problem is, my camera is not working. an error pops up saying "unknown error by errorcallback" . before the upgrade, my camera is working fine. can you please help me?

  12. @chinita_girl019: Hi sorry for the late reply. Been very busy these past two weeks :) First let me ask you... Did you get the update via Kies?

  13. @steve uk: I feel so bad for not having replied to you right away! I'm so sorry :( I should have checked my comments last week. Just try flashing the ROM again. As long as you can still return to "Download Mode" you can pretty much repeat the same process over and over again. If you still get the same error two to three times, I suggest you redownload XXLPB or flash something else :)

  14. hi
    yeah i did. have i done something wrong with it? i just tested the front camera and its working fine.

  15. Nope. You didn't do anything wrong. However, it is always recommended to do a complete wipe (data and cache) before you update your phone. I suggest you back up any important files and photos present in your phone to your computer.


    1. Turn off your phone. While it is turned off simultaneously press the Home Button + Volume Up + Power until "Android system recovery" appears.

    2. Use the volume keys to move up/down the selection and the power button to make a selection.

    3. Select "Wipe data/factory reset"

    4. Then select "wipe cacphe partition"

    5. Lastly, select "Reboot system now"

    Hopefully this will fix the problem :) But your phone data will be completely wiped with this method (excluding the external SD card if you have one)

  16. thank you so much. i tried doing the vol up+home+power button and it did get to android recovery mode, however i can't select anything because the volume keys are not!

  17. @chinita_girl019: Try doing it again. If the volume keys don't work, try and check which keys are for selecting. But really they're supposed to work.

  18. Wonderful blog.. I've been using the XXLPJ firmware for sometime now and it's great except for the secure storage issue. I read on XDA that the issue has been fixed on CF ROOT 5.4.. I can't seem to find one for XXLPJ.. Is there an updated CF ROOT for XXLPJ? Thanks in advance

  19. Could you possibly find a CF Root for Baseband version I9100.XXLPX. My build number is IML74K.XWLPE WITH ICS 4.0.3

  20. I have SGS2
    Which CF Root version suitable for it? Thanks.

  21. Could you please check if a CF Root is available for XXLPX.
    My details are PDA I9100XWLPE, CSC I9100XXLPJ, Build IML74K.XWLPE, Broadband XXLPX.
    Your help would be most appreciated.

  22. @Anonymous: Thank you :-) Here I found this for you It's still v5.3. I hope it works!

  23. @Anonymous commenter 2: Hmm. I'm not sure but I think you need a JPLP9 CF Root. Can you please check the build number by going to Settings > About phone? :)

    @John Anthony: You need an XWLPE CF Root :) I have a download link above. I hope you can forgive me for the late reply. It's been hectic these past few weeks.

  24. is there a root for xwlpi. Thanks

  25. @Anonymous? Is that the build of your phone? Because I found that it's easier to find CF root for the build number. Not your kernel or baseband version :-)

  26. Can you please find CF Root XXLPN please?

  27. Hello There ..
    You did a good job -- (y)

    Now i need your help regarding to my problem well its not really a problem lol but i m just confused...

    i updated my firmware few days ago and now i am on
    Model No = GT-I9100
    Android Version = 4.0.3
    Baseband Version = I9100XXLPW
    Kernal Version = 3.0.15-I9100XWLPD
    Build No = IML74K.XWLPD

    Now which version should i get :/ i mean its showing me 2 -- XXLPW and XWLPD.. so can you please help me finding that and also do i have to use the same old way to do it like i did upgrade ?


  28. @Anonymous with XXLPN: Do you have i9100G? If so, I found this post for you - :-)

    @Anonymous 2: Thank you. You need to look at your Build number. Since you have XWLPD in your build number, you need that CF root :-) There's a link above for CF Root XWLPD so use that.

    About your other question, what do you mean? Could you please elaborate? :-)

  29. Thx! I will try it later! ;-)
    And give feed Back!

  30. Hi,

    I just got my Galaxy S2 yesterday and my build number is IMM76D.RUXLF3. Which CF root should I be using.

    Thanks for your help!!


  31. CF Root for Build Number IMM76D.XWLPT please...

    Thank you

  32. Hi .. Please help me..
    I have sgs2 SHW-M250L
    KERNEL VERSION 3.0.15-M250L.UG28.1428-CL909505SE.INFRA@SEP-119#9

    please help me finding that... Competible with me device.. I life in korea

  33. Please help me... I have sgs2 shw-m250l
    kernel version


    PLEASE FINDING for my device.. :)
    i life in korea

  34. HI,,, please help me,, i have sgs2 shw-m250l
    baseband version m250l.uc21.1943.LT
    kernel version: 3.0.15-m250L.UG28.1428-CL909505

    I LIFE IN korea,, please finding for me cf root is competible for me device

  35. hi can find cf root for Build number JPLPF? Thanks in advance.

  36. Thank you very much. First time I do this kind of things. I was a little bit scared, but everything when perfect. Thanks. Best tutorial out there.

  37. Hello Ada S....

    after root my s2 suddenly hang and cannot reboot,why ?

    i pick this CF Root for XXLP6 v5.2

    need your help urgenly.

  38. is there any match root for my device ?

  39. @olympe Tchibozo: I found this resource for you -- .. This is specifically for i9100G :-)

    @Anonymous with RUXLF3: Thanks for dropping by! I'm sorry but I can't find a CF Root for your device. I think it would be best if you contacted Chainfire to request a CF Root for your build :-(

    @Anonymous with XWLPT: Check this out :-)

    @Brix: Can't find one for you :-( Maybe you can request Chainfire for a CF Root for your device?

    @Anonymous with JPLPF: Try this :-) It ends in "LPF" and according to Chainfire, that's what matters when rooting your device.

    @abc1974: You're welcome! Eventually you will get used to it, trust me :-) It's just scary at first but you encounter your first "soft brick" and revive your phone afterwards, you'll feel like a god lol.

    @Khairul: Oh my. Here's what you do...

    1) Check if you can go to download mode by pressing Volume down + Power button + Menu.

    2) If you have a download mode, congrats! Just flash ANY official firmware of your choice via ODIN. There's plenty of official firmwares from .. You can check my post on ... After flashing a firmware, you can root it again. Don't forget to use CF root with the same build number or at least the last three characters. If you have XXLPN for example, look for a CF root that ends in "LPN".

    3) If there is NO download mode, you bricked your phone :-( And there is nothing left to do with it. You would have to take it to a service center to see if it can get fixed.

    @Peluang: And what is your device?


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