Gorilla Glass My Ass

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Friday, January 27, 2012 4 comments

Apparently, Gorilla Glass is not scratch proof. Found that out the hard way.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 used to have a smudge-proof matte screen protector on it. Next to the iPhone, it looks hideous. So I decided to remove the protector weeks ago. Boy, I was in love with my phone once again!

Screw you iPhone.
Now you just look fat next to my sexy SGS2.

Previous experience with a Samsung Galaxy Ace has led me to believe that Gorilla Glass is scratch proof - I was wrong. Now, the screen of my SGS2 has scratches on it. Scratches are not etched deep but can be seen under very bright light when giving the phone a slight tilt.

After reading a few threads on XDA, I found out that Gorilla Glass is not scratch proof. Bits of sand can actually scratch the oleophobic coating of the SGS2 screen and all other phones using Gorilla Glass. It is merely resistant to usual causes of scratching like your car keys or coins in your pocket.

Sand is the kryptonite of Gorilla Glass.

I love my SGS2 so much that this all seems like a nightmare.

Using the scratch remover for my mom's car to remove them.
Attempt to remove scratches, FAILED.
I'm still finding ways to remove them. No luck so far :( If you have any idea how to deal with this besides placing a screen protector on top of it or replacing the screen, let me know! 

Please learn from my mistake. Use a screen protector to keep your phone's Gorilla Glass screen scratch proof.


  1. Hey, fellow engadget reader here... I have a galaxy tab and could not figure out for the life of me how a huge fat scratch ended up across like 3 inches, now I am sure it was a sand from my local beach. :

  2. Glad I was able to shed light on this! I feel so bad for our devices. I did find a quick fix to decrease the severity of scratches. Will post about it later :)

  3. Wow! No wonder I never managed to scratch my Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S screens... I never went even miles close to sand with them... :-P

    That said, I'll surely buy a screen protector when I visit Bangkok this month-end...

    Thanks Ada... :) Owe you for saving me from replacing my 3rd screen on my Galaxy S2...

  4. Damn. You already scratched your screen twice? Haha. That sucks. I'm a bit on the obsessive-compulsive side and would really want my screen replaced too :( And the menu button. I scratched off the silver lining..

    On another note, I'm jealous you're going to Bangkok! Have fun riding the Tuktuks :D


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