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Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Monday, January 30, 2012 No comments
The official Formspring for Android is out! It is a social platform that lets you ask questions anonymously or with your own Formspring account. If you want to gossip, stalk, or learn more about someone - be it a friend or a stranger - you should download this app and sign up for an account too!

[S]he Talks App Rating & Review
by Formspring

RATING: 4.5 out of 5.

For an initial release, I'm impressed with the official Formspring for Android app. In fact, it made me sign up for Formspring!

  • App is FREE
  • Clean and smooth UI
  • Refresh tabs by clicking menu button and selecting 'Refresh'
  • Option to log in with Facebook and follow Facebook friends on Formspring on first use.
  • Option to connect your Formspring account to Facebook and Twitter
  • When answering questions, you are always given the option to post answers on Facebook, Twitter, or none of the two.
  • Notifications work
  • Home tab lets you browse through recently answered questions of the people you follow
  • Send a photo under your Home tab by selecting the camera icon on top right
  • Inbox tab lets you preview all unanswered questions directed to you
  • You can answer questions from the Inbox
  • Under Inbox, announce that you need questions by clicking the top right button. You can make announcements to Formspring followers, Facebook friends, and Twitter follower
  • Ask tab lets you ask questions to contacts or people you are following
  • Access your Profile to see questions you've answered
  • Connect your Formspring account to Twitter, change your profile photo, and edit notification settings by clicking 'Settings' button on top right corner of your Profile tab.
  • Friends lets you monitor followers and people you're following
  • You can find friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Address Book who have Formspring accounts via Friends
  • Searching by username to add friends is also possible through the Friends tab
  • Friends tab also allows you to invite friends via email. Emails of friends are instantly acquired for you.
  • Option to log out is difficult to reach. You have to go to Profile > Settings > Log Out
  • I had difficulty connecting Formspring to Twitter. I had to log in with my laptop to connect it to Twitter.
  • Tabs are on the top part of the screen. If you have a large screen phone and small hands, it'll be difficult to reach them.

For an initial release, the official Formspring for Android app is near perfection. But I would like to see an easier way to log out. Also, I think it would be better for everyone if the tabs appear on the bottom part of the screen for easier access with large-screen phones.

Don't forget to follow me on Formpsring :) My username is BloggingAda. Please be respectful with your questions.



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