Dead Trigger Cheats: Bloody Subway Arena Survival Guide (v1.5.0 ONLY)

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Saturday, August 18, 2012 9 comments
This only works on v1.5.0 and lower versions of Dead Trigger :-) If you have updated to v1.5.1 please refer to this new Bloody Subway Survival Guide.

UPDATE 08/25 Madfinger obviously read my blog and decided to fix the bugs exploited in this survival guide. To top it off, they even added an zombie entryway in the "safe zone" discussed in this post. MY ADVICE: Don't update to v1.5.1. But if you have Titanium Backup (Android only), just uninstall the app and restore v1.5.0 like me :-)

Old post starts here***

This really isn't a cheat - more like "an exploitation of a bug" that exists in the Bloody Subway Arena of Dead Trigger. If you stick to the tips I give you, you can survive the Bloody Subway for an indefinite** period.

** depends on your device's battery life LOL.

Moving on, I really tried to make a video tutorial using Screencast but my dual-core SGS2 couldn't handle it. Even tried overclocking my phone but it didn't work. So please be patient going through the screenshots and my tips :-)

So why should you bother surviving the arena anyway?

CASH. The maximum I got was $50,000 after surviving 55 waves. If you have cash, you can upgrade your character, buy weapons, and have better chances of surviving longer in the arena. And if you have greater chances at surviving, you get to have more money! The recent update should get you even more cash since you will be rewarded after winning boss levels.

EXPERIENCE. When I need to level up, I don't play missions. I play the Bloody Subway Arena. Why? Because the patterns are easier to exploit. I went from Level 28 to 30 after 55 waves.


If you have enough money (or willing to spend on some IAP), the following character upgrades will do. Then again, you can always get extra cash and gold using the Casino and by playing special missions every day! The following character upgrades are arranged from the most important to least important.
  • At least 2 weapon slots
  • At least 2 item slots
  • (Optional) 1 to 2 Additional Health - if you're not getting this you need to have a Speed Booster for Items.
  • (Optional) Improved Radar


The following item purchases are ranked from the most important to least important.

Have two item slots?
  • 5 Bandages OR 2 Revive Kits depending on your level.
  • Speed booster OR 2 Medkits. But speed is really more important in the Bloody Subway since you can grab Additional Health in the game :-)
Three item slots?
  • 5 Bandages
  • 2 Revive Kits OR 2 Medkits
  • Speed booster OR Slow Time
Four item slots?
  • 5 Bandages
  • 2 Revive Kits
  • 2 Medkits
  • Speed booster OR Slow Time
Never use grenades by the way. If you are swarmed by zombies and decide to use a grenade, you will die. Also, grenades are not worth carrying around if you want to last long in the arena. I also feel the same way for all other items. They can help you survive early on but not in the later stages. That is why Slow Time is my second option to the Speed Booster but you can only use it in emergencies like running for your life or getting ammo when extremely needed.


I won't suggest specific guns because truthfully, I bought gold and cash using real money. However, I do recommend having long-range rifles or automatic weapons. Additionally, you also need at least one shot gun (for that nasty SWAT zombie). Trust me, you don't want to waste your precious ammo on a single SWAT zombie. However, I'm going to share the weapons I currently use:

  • Slot 1: Minigun
  • Slot 2: Bren
  • Slot 3: Lewis
  • Slot 4: Striker
And now, the survival guide!

Step-by-Step Survival Guide For Dead Trigger's Bloody Subway Arena

Step #1: Run like hell and go to the "safe zone."

As soon as you enter the Bloody Subway, don't just stand there and do nothing. Run like hell towards the staircase on your left. When you reach the caged room, come near it and unlock by selecting "Buy." This is your safe zone. Don't worry. You will get the lost cash later in the game.

Step #2: Stand by the caged door of the safe zone.

Zombies will come by waves of 30 in each level. However, all 30 zombies won't be swarming soon. They will come in 4 to 5 separate batches. In between these batches of zombies, stand by the caged door as preparation for Step 3.

Step #3: Dismember 3 to 4 zombies that come near you.

Using a long-range weapon or a minigun, shoot the zombies closest to you. SHOOT THEM IN ONE OR BOTH LEGS AND NOWHERE ELSE. You might want to prioritize running zombies that are closest to you. If possible, shoot them when they are a few feet from the entrance. The now-dismembered zombies will crawl towards you. Back up into the room. Crawling zombies are unable to enter.

... or any room with this platform for that matter. See photo below.

Shoot 3 to 4 zombies and make sure they are lined up across the entrance. In doing so, no other zombie (running, walking, boss, or SWAT) can enter the room!

Step #4: Shoot approaching zombies in the head.

Now that crawling zombies are lined across the entrance, come closer to the door - not too close though! Shoot approaching zombies using a long-range weapon. To conserve your ammo, it would be best to shoot them in the head.

If a SWAT zombie shows up, wait until it gets near and shoot at its face with a shotgun. It takes several shots to kill him.

Step #5: Shoot crawling zombies when new zombies stop appearing.

After shooting a couple of zombies from afar, you will notice that no new zombies are appearing on the radar. At this point, you have to shoot the crawling zombies blocking your entrance so that new zombies will appear.

Step #6: Repeat steps 2 to 5!

Just keep blocking the entrance with crawling zombies in each batch. If a crawling zombie dies, replace it with a new one to ensure that no zombie gets in.

The last zombies in a wave

During the last batch of zombies, DO NOT KILL THE CRAWLING ZOMBIES BLOCKING YOUR ENTRANCE. Otherwise, you will only have a 15-second window to run for ammo and get additional health if you lost any. 15 seconds is enough for just either of the two.

Running For Ammo And Health

I can make my ammo last for two waves but this is only because I have four weapons. If you have fewer guns, you need to constantly run for ammo.

WHERE do I find ammo? Youu can find it at the caged entrance across your new-found safe haven, second floor.

Ammunition is right across the safe zone.
Unlock this area to access Ammo Refill
The cost of ammo depends on how much you need.
HOW do I run for ammo? While zombies are blocking the entrance of your safe haven, switch to a shotgun and run towards the caged entrance across your safe haven. Select "Buy" to unlock the door and run towards the ammunition icon on the corner by the wall. Select "Buy" again.

Don't worry. The crawling zombies won't be able to reach you inside these caged rooms!

WHERE do I find health? At the room in between the two staircases, first floor. 

How do I run for health? If you lost a significant amount of life during a wave (and still have enough time), run downstairs and go back to where you started on the first floor. Go to the caged door in between the staircases, unlock, and "Buy" Additional Health from the icon.

The cost of health depends on the amount you need

WHEN do I run for ammo and health? You don't want to get hurt when running for ammo and health so it's best to run for them in between waves during the 15-second break and while being chased around by the crawling zombies you didn't kill.

By the way, after getting ammunition and/or health, don't bother killing the crawling zombies unless you have enough time. Remember, YOU NEED TO REACH THE SAFE HAVEN IN TIME FOR THE NEXT WAVE. Just run back towards the safe zone and the crawling zombies will die on their way to you :-)

I know what you're thinking...

Why can't I use my bandages, medkits, or just rely on my revive kits? Simple. BECAUSE YOU ONLY WANT TO USE THEM DURING EMERGENCIES. Remember, you want to survive waves and waves of zombies and not just the first few waves. 

Note: When buying ammunition or health, it takes some time before they refresh.

Power-Ups Guide: The Head-Flator and Damage Booster

Do you see the green icon inside of your safe haven? It alternates between a Head-Flator and Damage Booster. Those are called power-ups. I only use them in boss levels and I suggest you do to because they take much longer to refresh. Each power up lasts an entire wave so get them 3 to 5 seconds before the next wave. In the higher waves when bosses are more difficult to defeat, I suggest you get a Head-Flator TWO WAVES BEFORE THE BOSS LEVEL. That way, you can get the Damage Booster during a boss level.

Defeating The Boss

Boss levels are available in intervals of five. Wave 5, 10, 15, etc. are all boss levels. A maximum of two bosses appear in these levels but there was a time I got 3 bosses and I was like WTF?!?!

The boss doesn't appear right away. He only appears after a few couple zombies. I want you to do steps 2 to 4 of my step-by-step survival guide until he shows up.

And now... the f*cking boss.

The boss won't be able to enter your safe haven if crawling zombies are blocking the entrance. Look at him. Is he running or just walking? If he is walking, stand your ground and shoot the crawling zombies (with a shotgun if possible) and switch to an automatic weapon. Kill one or two zombies on the entrance so he can get into the room to be with you. If he's running, let him inside the room but run outside as soon as he does LOL.

Now here's the thing about the boss. When you hit him somewhere sensitive, he will tilt his head up for some time and let out a gurgling scream. If you don't hit him in the right spot, he just stands there and seems bullet-proof! The first thing you need to do is find his soft spot. You can find it by using a rifle and shooting at different parts of the body. When his head tilts after hitting a certain spot, then that is his soft spot. CONTINUOUSLY SHOOT AT IT UNTIL HE DIES. My personal favorite is his neck but sometimes, his stomach and feet work. But there's a catch. The boss has to be close to you if you want to make sure that you hit a soft spot. And unless you find it, you won't be able to kill him.

Yep. I hit his soft spot alright!
When you run out of ammo and the boss isn't dead yet, he will get back to his original position (which is standing and staring at you). If this happens, you have to leave the safe room and run! His hits are deadly and you want to avoid them.

While running around like a lunatic, I use a shotgun to kill regular zombies and switch to my minigun when he gets near. But you can use any automatic rifle you're comfortable with. Every time you hit his soft spot, aim at his neck right away and continuously shoot until you run out of ammo. Sometimes, I also make a run for ammo while the boss is chasing me around. This can be really nerve-racking!

The first boss is dead, now what?

When the first boss dies, time slows down until he falls on the ground. The whole slow motion lot is going to be entertaining. However, I suggest you take this as an opportunity to refill your ammunition instead of staring at the Matrix thing that's about to take place. After all, you will need more bullets until the second boss arrives. If you lost too much life after the first boss, just use a bandage and hang on. Now go kill the second boss.

My "Lucky 13" Bloody Subway Arena Survival Tips

  1. Use a shotgun when running outside of the safe zone. Just shoot at zombies closest to you and avoid the the rest until you get back to the caged room.
  2. Don't run for petty cash during waves. Unless you are absolutely sure there are no zombies around (and the cash is really, really close to the entrance), don't go for it! You will be paid hundreds of dollars if you survive a wave :-) The higher the wave, the greater the reward. Besides, losing some life for $50 to $70 is not worth it.
  3. Only use your bandages or medkits during emergencies. Anyway, you can run for Additional Health in between waves.
  4. Use your Revive Kits sparingly. If you are surrounded by a swarm of zombies or confronted by the boss zombie and got nowhere to run, let yourself be killed and the Revive Kit will kill those bastards.
  5. If you can run, then run! One thing I learned from The Walking Dead is that those f*ckers are stupid and you can avoid them.
  6. Always shoot the fastest and closest zombies to you first. Then shoot the close but slow zombies. A slow and close zombie, you can avoid. You can merely run around the safe room and it won't be able to hit you. But a running walker? You won't be able to avoid it if it comes near you.
  7. Shoot in the head. Yep. There's no better way to kill them. Carnages are awesome but they are a waste of ammunition.
  8. Use long-range weapons for dismembering and killing zombies from afar.
  9. Use any automatic weapon on the boss (even if it's long-range).
  10. Use a shotgun for the SWAT zombie and for killing crawling zombies on your entrance.
  11. Look at the radar. The appearance of zombies actually takes on a pattern every now and then. Monitor it so you'd know which zombies to shoot first :-)
  12. Only use the Head-Flator/Damage Booster during boss levels. I recommend alternating between the two in the early stages but at higher levels, I recommend only using the Damage Booster. Check out my tips above on these power-ups.
  13. Practice. It takes time to get used to this routine. You might not get it at first but you will eventually. So keep practicing until you get your rhythm.
Oh, and by the way! Start playing the Bloody Subway from 100 percent battery. You can plug in your device to charge while playing. If charging affects the responsiveness of your screen, only charge during non-boss levels where you can relax :-) Hope you benefit from my tips!


  1. Fantastic guide and tips!

    Thanks for the comment on TheDroidGuy!

    (The extra comment was okay ;) )

  2. Thank you and I appreciate you for visiting my blog! ^_^

    I'm seriously addicted to this game but get bored every now and then.

    *You should have linked back to your site ;)

  3. When does this game end? I have stopped getting those main objectives!

  4. Doesnt work...crawling zombies enter the safe zone....

  5. @Anonymous: I have no idea! :D I'm still Rank 32 and haven't played for a while.

    @The Trancetizer: That's impossible. Maybe you have v1.5.1 or higher. This is a bug found in v1.5.0 and lower. I've been playing this game ever since it was released and back when it was still on sale for $0.99. That's why I know this bug works up until v1.5.0.

  6. @The Trancetizer: If they get to enter, maybe you shot them when they already crossed the doorway? They have to be shot on the legs while they're still outside. I will upload a video this week from Wave 1 to Wave 5 of this version so you can see that crawling zombies are unable to enter :)

  7. This also doesn't work for me. I shoot their legs off before they even get to the room and they still get in. Any ideas?

  8. @The Trancetizer @Anonymous

    Oh my. What devices are you using? Please do update me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. This bug worked for me ever since the Bloody Subway Arena debuted on Dead Trigger. It continued to work until v1.5.0. However it no longer works on v1.5.1 and higher because Madfinger fixed the bugs exploited in this post.


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