How To Install UHLPE On Your SGS2

Posted by Ticehuac Acuauhtli On Friday, March 30, 2012 4 comments

UHLPE is the third official ICS ROM I've tried and so far, I've experienced much less force closes on it - how's 1 force close for a full day? I think this is already an app's compatibility with Ice Cream Sandwich and therefore not Samsung's fault. Remember to check my reviews on official ICS updates for SGS2 so you can decide which one to install on your phone.

If this is your first time, here are a few reminders before you install this ROM:
  1. UHLPE is an official release but still has a few bugs which you can see here.
  2. UHLPE or any official ICS ROM will break your root. 
  3. Installing UHLPE won't increase your flash counter or break its warranty.
  4. The UHLPE firmware available for download in this post is a multi-CSC package. CSC determines region-specific settings (APN configuration, carrier branding, etc.). The CSCs found in UHLPE are for the following regions: Trinidad and Tobago. These things are important if you still want to claim your warranty. 
  5. Setting aside number 5, anyone can install this ROM if you're not so much of a control freak. DXLP7 supports multiple languages.
  6. The DXLP7 Firmware available for download is a wipe version which means it will delete all of your phone data.
  7. Charge your phone to at least 60% but 100% is better.
How To Install DXLP7 On Your SGS2
  1. Download: UHLPE Firmware ODIN v1.85
  2. Install ODIN on your computer.
  3. Unzip the downloaded UHLPE firmware. Password: intratech@XDA. You should see a .md5 file
  4. Launch ODIN on your computer and select PDA. Select the .md5 file you unzipped (File name: GT-I9100_TTT_I9100UHLPE_I9100UHLPE_I9100UUBLPE.tar.md5). Now, don't click anything else on ODIN.
  5. Turn off your phone.
  6. Switch your phone to download mode by pressing Volume down + Power button. When prompted, press Volume up to confirm.
  7. Connect your SGS2 to your computer using a USB cable. The message "Added" should appear on ODIN and this small box on the upper left must turn yellow.
  8. On ODIN, click Start and wait for it to finish.
  9. Once ODIN is done flashing, the green box on the upper left will turn green and say "PASS".
  10. Your phone will reset instantly. You're SGS2 is now on UHLPE Ice Cream Sandwich :-)
If you want to root UHLPE, check out the installation guide I prepared :-)


  1. Hey... the link to UHLPE Firmware is broken... Appriciate of you could fix it.. Thanks...

  2. @Rohan: Thanks for letting me know (: Fixed it.

  3. Hey...i need help
    I tried UHLPE but that caused the screen flickering i tried to flash it again but now it keeps getting stuck in FACTORYFS....
    what should i do?

  4. @Anonymous: Oh my I feel so terrible to have this late reply! Did you fix it? I would've recommended that you download UHLPE again and repeat the installation process... :(


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